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So how were the unique home fragrances and scented candles of Mullàno born?

“Mullàno“ is a family business

“Mullàno“ is a family business that emerged to create unique scents close to the heart and home and fills them with coziness. After all, it is so good to enjoy the pleasant smell and soothing, crackled candles, light, and warmth. So how were the unique home fragrance and scented candles of Mullàno born?

Many years before, grandfathers have shared their vision of a handmade candle business. So we decided to fulfill this idea, which went from generation to generation. We combined the different family knowledge we have. The pharmaceutical sciences helped to create unique, high-quality product formulas. As well, the graphic design studies helped to find exclusive style and design solutions for business. 


Our family took a non-standard way. For the production of candles, we chose to pour scented wax into concrete vessels. That makes us closer to sustainability and modern minimalism.

We want Mullàno products to help everyone create a home full of warmth, aesthetics, and modernity, surrounded with high-quality and luxurious scents. The concern of our little daughter has led to an exceptional focus on the ingredients in the products. The home scents and candles we sell are of high quality and have extra friendly ingredients.

Let us invite you to enjoy minimalism, coziness and exclusive home fragrance, and scented candle smell. - Gabrielle & Laurynas

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