Natural essential oils have different effects on our bodies and emotions. Some give vitality energy, lift the mood and prepare us for a working day. Meanwhile, others can calm down, relax, take us to a complete oasis of peace where the body and soul can rest from the speedy daily life. This article aims to discuss the benefits of lemon essential oil for our body and its positive effects on our emotions. 

Helps to relieve the symptoms of anxiety and depression 

Based on research, the lemon essential oil has been shown to have depressant and anti-anxiety properties. It is usually obtained by steam extraction of fresh lemon peel. One study in 2006 examined mice and their response to different essential oils and their effects on mood and found that lemon essential oil had much stronger anxiety and stress-relieving impact than, say, lavender essential oil.So if you are looking for a natural way to reduce anxiety and depressed mood, this oil is just for you. 

Reduces nausea and morning sickness in early pregnancy

 During early pregnancy, women often experience unpleasant episodes of nausea and morning sickness. Aromatherapy with lemon essential oil has drastically reduced these symptoms, thus improving overall well-being. We can be glad to say that it is believed that this oil reduces the expression of these unpleasant symptoms. This can be substantiated by a study conducted in 2014 that examined the response of 100 pregnant women to essential oils for nausea and morning sickness.

Relieve pain naturally - mission possible? 

Have you ever wondered if you could try to burn a scented candle or drip a few drops of lemon essential oil into a diffuser instead of a pain pill? Yes, in fact, this essential oil has pain-relieving properties. It is believed that the properties of this oil that help relieve stress and depressive symptoms allow us to react differently, more calmly, to pain. One study with mice in 2014 showed that aromatherapy using lemon essential in the brains of animals changes our emotions and sensitivity to pain stimuli. However, further studies are needed to elucidate this essential oil's exact mechanism of action in the human brain. 

Improves concentration and alertness

As mentioned earlier, lemon essential oil improves mood, but its concentration and alertness-enhancing properties are also characterized. One small study conducted in 2008 found that aromatherapy with an essential oil such as lemon can improve people's cognition with Alzheimer's.


Sometimes we don’t even realize that what lies in nature is so close to us and can help improve mood, help to concentrate, make us relaxed or even reduce bodily sensations such as pain or nausea. Lemon essential oil really has a lot of power! So when you have time, try filling your home with the smell of lemon. Your body will thank you for that.