Shopping online today has become one of the most convenient and fastest ways to safely get the goods you want at your doorstep. Current online opportunities allow us to discover new brands and original creators around the world extremely quickly. But how do you choose the scent you want when buying a scented product (i.e., candle/ diffuser) online without being able to smell it?

You will probably agree that it is difficult to predict what scent will be the perfect fit for your taste without smelling in a person. The world of fragrances can be a little confusing and complicated, so we'll explain to you as simply as possible how to understand scents.

We would like to introduce you to the world of fragrance. Different scents belong to certain fragrance families. Fragrance families are fundamentally different categories assigned to certain scents for clarity and coherence. This makes it easier for all of us to understand what a smell is like based on the main notes of that fragrance family.

It’s effortless to feel the smell of a one-note fragrance. For example, many of us imagine the smell of fruits, florals, or wood (i.e., orange, rose, sandalwood). But how do you understand a scent when it is made up of many multi-layered notes belonging to different fragrance families? We can use the scent notes classification system to encode our desired odors.  

There are 3 classes of scent notes:

Top / Head - these are bright and sharp notes on the first sniff; however, they tend to evaporate quickly because their molecule size is very small. Often such notes are selected to create the first unforgettable impression, as we say - love from the first smell and to engage the client in a pleasant experience of cognition and unfolding of a scent.

Example of top notes: plum, coconut cream, blackcurrant, basil, cinnamon, orange, grapefruit, lemon, tangerine, coriander.

Middle/heart notes seem to envelop and soften the base notes, allowing them to unfold gently and pleasantly with time. These notes are often described as mellow or rounded. They give the fragrance a unique personality. They can be smelled when the top notes finish evaporating.

Example of middle notes: rose, lavender, pineapple, litchi, black rose, cumin

Base notes - It is the heart of the aroma itself. These notes are a fragrance scent that unfolds at the end of the evaporating middle notes. The base and middle notes together create a unique theme to that aroma. These are large molecules, so the smell they spread is strong, solid, and can be felt for a long time. It is the creme de la creme of the fragrance because of its elegance and subtlety.

Example of base notes: vanilla, sandalwood, coconut, cardamon, coumarin, patchouli, labdanum. 

We hope that reading our insights will make it much easier for you to understand the scent notes of the fragrance and its authenticity. Each of our fragrant oil blends used to make candles, and home diffusers by hand are subtle, authentic, enticing, and allows you to feel certain emotions such as sexuality, energy, joy, or happiness.

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